The Summit Fire District Administration and Fire Board
Administrative Services - (928) 526-9537  In case of an emergency call 911

Fire Chief Don Howard (928) 526-9537

A-Shift Battalion Chief Chris Fennell

B-Shift Battalion Chief Keith Klassen

C-Shift Battalion Chief Mike Boehm

Office Manager Chris Gioia

Administrative Assistant Tammy Schieffer

Fire Board

Chairman Howard Nott (928) 814-2917

Clerk Jim Doskocil (928) 607-7122

Board Member Dan Atkinson (928) 526-4128

Board Member Jerry Loynachan (928) 853-5094

Board Member Rick Parker (928) 853-3392

In case of an emergency, call 911
Summit Fire District
Fire Departments don't succeed, people do.
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8905 N. Koch Field Road, Flagstaff, AZ 86004, 928-526-9537 Office, 928-526-2750 Fax,